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DotCom Ballers Podcast Is Live! (Episodes 0, 1 & 2)

It’s finally here!

I’ve been meticulously planning and aggressively working on this for the past 2.5+ months and I’m SO happy to finally put this out for you to enjoy.

I honestly can’t express how relieved I am to finally get this out there. I’ve been wanting to start a podcast since late-2015, but just never got around to it because of different projects, commitments, and priorities (as you’ll hear me talk about in Episode 1 below).

That being said, here is a short description of the show, what it is, and what you can expect:

DotCom Ballers is a show where internet entrepreneurs and online influencers share their stories along with the principles, strategies, and tactics they used to become successful (hosted by yours truly).

You can expect a brand new, freshly cut episode ready for you to listen to every Monday morning. Once I get the processes down, fine-tuned, and systemized, I’m planning to increase the frequency so you can get more hard-hitting value straight into your noggin.

Without further ado, you can listen to the first three episodes below.


[Episode 0] Tim Enad: What Is DotCom Ballers?

[Episode 1] Andres Roares: The Art of Copy & Power Your Peer Group

[Episode 2] Dale Ting: Quitting Corporate To Start An E-Commerce Empire

Thanks for listening!

If you have any feedback, comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to shoot it over.

See you in the next episode!