When it comes to podcasting, I try to keep things as simple and as cost-effective as possible, as I like to keep my travel packing to a minimum. I've painstakingly done lots of research, weighed the pros and cons, and these are the tools that I have tried that work the best for me.

Podcasting Microphone

Because I want to travel light and be as agile as light, so I just use the Audio-Technica ATR2100. The microphone  hooks directly up to your laptop/computer with a USB to mini wire, and you really don't need anything else.

Web Tools

Similar to the podcasting and vlogging gear, I try to keep my tools as simple as possible to keep costs low, have as much ease of set up as possible , and avoid integration problems down the road, while at the same time use the best options the web has to offer.

Website Builder

Since I use WordPress for the DotCom Ballers blog (which the tools below cannot do), I do my best to keep things as simple ass possible by using the Thrive Themes suite. The Thrive Themes tool especially worth noting is Thrive Architect which has the best front-end builder and makes editing your pages and posts extremely easy to edit and very customizable. Again, to keep the 

Marketing Funnel Builder

ClickFunnels is the best tool to build fully-fledged marketing funnels. A few advantages of using this tool vs. others is the ability to easily add "One-Time-Offers" to your marketing funnel, "Order Form Bumps" for a quick up-sell when someone is ordering something, and "One-Click Up-sells," which can really make or break your up-selling process on the back-end of your funnel.

Landing Page Builder

I use LeadPages to build Opt-In pages quickly for new offers. LeadPages is especially good if you're looking to test the validity of an offer quickly.

Email Autoresponder

ActiveCampaign is not only the most cost-effective, but also the best autoresponder to date. Many autoresponder from the past you cannot script the customer journey all that well, but ActiveCampaign changes all that with lots of customization.


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